Posted on 18 October 2017


I'm pregnant, not sick, you will repeat every time they don't allow you to do the things you usually do. And even if it is true, it is also necessary to slow down and take life calmly.

Pregnancy is a biological fact for which the woman's body is perfectly prepared. With exceptions, you can continue with your normal life but take it slow. Work, housework, travel and even daily hygiene should coexist with a growing gut.

You should readapt your habits and try to stay active as much as possible, as this will improve your mood and reduce the typical discomfort of pregnancy. These are some of the changes you will experience:

trips during pregnancy

Good trip?

It is one of the aspects that changes the most, especially because of the fear of some couples that something happened away from their doctors. It is advisable to reserve the longer journeys for the second trimester when the risk of abortion and discomfort such as dizziness has been removed and your bump is not yet so big as to hinder your movements.

In addition, choose the mode of transport:

- Car and bus: always circulate with the belt fastened, placing the upper strip between the breasts and the horizontal under the abdomen. If you are the one who drives, do it without being very close to the wheel to avoid impacts and remember that you can not sit for a long time. Make stops every two hours, stretch your legs and walk.

- Train: It is the perfect transport since you can walk, go to the bathroom and the cafeteria as often as you need.

 - Airplane: It is a good option for medium and long-distance travel. Try to fit in a front seat and aisle, to stretch your legs well. During the journey, keep the belt placed under the belly and do rotating exercises with your feet. The cabin environment is usually very dry: remember to drink water frequently and wear a jacket or cloth if the air conditioning is too high.

Take care of your posture The growth of your baby affects your osseous, muscular and joint structures, so it is not surprising that you feel back pain,

The growth of your baby affects your osseous, muscular and joint structures, so it is not surprising that you feel back pain, sciatica, a pressure in the coccyx, cramps ... To that, you must add some discomfort of this stage that is aggravated with certain movements, such as dizziness. Adopting postural hygiene measures will help reduce both. 

- When you sit: Choose a comfortable chair and place your back straight, your knees at hip height and your feet on a stool. If you rest on the sofa, put a cushion in the lower back to relieve the tension and your legs are high. 

- When you are lying down: lean your elbow on the bed and move your legs until they are flat on the floor. Lift the trunk to sit and then get up. As it is common to have dizziness do these movements very slowly. 

- Bending: Bend your knees without bending your back. If you have to empty the washing machine, place a hole on a stool and leave the things in it. When you get up, lean on the counter to keep from getting dizzy.

- When walking: Do not take your ass out: try to walk with the pelvis in line with the hip and: even if you find it difficult at first, tighten the abs.

-When you take the child: Support them on the hip so that your legs surround your gut. 

- When lifting: do it with your knees bent, without pulling or bending your back and distributing the load. 

home tasks during pregnancy

Goodbye to the feather duster

The arrival of a baby means for many families the need to look for a bigger house or to do works. Plan it for the second quarter and let others do the work. Paints, varnishes, and solvents are toxic and therefore potentially dangerous to the fetus, especially at the beginning of pregnancy. If you have no choice but to use them, do it with mask and special gloves and ventilate the room well before entering it. At the slightest sensation of dizziness leaves the task.

Separate chapter deserves the domestic tasks that, in some cases, will require an extra effort that you should delegate in others. Remember that you will soon have a baby and therefore less time to clean.you can remove the dust, but not in the high areas, which would force you to stretch or climb a stool. Putting the washing machine should not involve much effort, but ironing do it seated or in sessions of 30 minutes and if you stand upright, place the board as high as possible so that you don't bend over and see that you are placing your feet alternately on a footstool.do not lean forward, curving your back. Place yourself straight and limit yourself to move the arms without bending the waist.

pregnancy and dogs
Of dogs and cats

If you have a dog, your life with him will continue being as always. But, be more scrupulous with the hygienic measures, do not let him mud or sleep with him, take a vet check to deworming and use gloves to collect their excrement and clean their things. When you walk, be very careful that you do not drag with the leash, because you could fall.

Meanwhile, if you have a cat and you are not immunized against toxoplasmosis, it is better for your husband to take care of him, but you don’t have to kick him out of the house. A parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, is lodged in the intestines of felines, which can cause infections in humans imperceptible outside pregnancy but with serious consequences on the fetus. If you are not immunized, avoid taking cold cuts and undercooked meat, wash the fruits and vegetables well and do not clean your cat's sandbox.

Your daily hygiene

Nothing prevents you from having a hot bath, but a quick shower with warm water is the best for your condition, since the skin is drier and more tight than usual. If you endure the sensation of cold, end up wetting your legs and chest with a stream of cold water.

In Zen mode

The stress has negative effects on our health, so it is so important to avoid it even more in pregnancy, because it increases the risk of abortion, premature delivery, maternal hypertension and can delay intrauterine growth. In addition, some studies have pointed out that babies whose mothers had high levels of anxiety are more likely to have it during their childhood and adolescence. Practice relaxation techniques, your favorite sport and try to have every day a little time for you and your baby.

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